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new mods
« on: February 14, 2017, 07:15:48 AM »
RFEENSTRA.....kudos for your quest to fine tune your little bird !!! THIS is what these groups are all about. The old cliche about the "journey" being more important than the destination is SO TRUE.....We find this  in so many fields-of-endeavor........from restoring resto-mod 1950's cars to "building" a $1500 Ruger 10-22 rifle(that costs $200 new) with carbon fiber barrels sniper stocks, $600 scopes,etc. -------or taking a 2 door post 1955 chev and dropping $20k into it........when its actually worth about $8k. the end, I gotta believe that someday, when I'm lying in  my own urine, in a nursing home awaiting death...........I will have a silent smile on my face BECAUSE I took a different path, instead of sitting in a recliner watching the TV and awaiting the "grim-reaper". KUDOS brother!..........BUILD-ON!!!!! My DE(F95) will look SOOOOOOO different when I am finally truly is one-of-a-kind............Its a ZEN thing!!!!

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Re: new mods
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2017, 08:28:43 PM »
Thanks!  Major progress has been made.  I'm starting a new subject with some photos of the project so far.  I know there are several who have expressed interest in my project.