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Time to update the Slider


OK sports fans...

We have had several completions,  people have built more Eagles, modified them,  taken better pics, moved on --or for what ever other reason there is...  It is time.

So this is your chance to get on, get off, get your name spelled correctly, or get a better pic on the slider on the home page.  Your claim to fame...

At the email address linked below, please send your high res photos and instructions.  The higher resolution the better they stand up to processing and re-sizing.

I have no idea how long it will take, but I need to get started.  

If I don't hear from you, I will assume you either are not done with your plane, or you are happy with what you have on the slider now.

The captions will appear they same way they do now, so include what you want in them, and a link to your web page if you have one.


Thank you for your support...

--Edit:  Loosely tentative ETA one month...  Don't rush your project if you are close.  

The software that does the trick has been updated from 4.9 when we first got it, to 7.4 when our 1 year of free updates ran out.  I now have been compelled by the board of Director (Steve) to acquire the latest version --8.7

Bottom line:  It should be a lot easier to add to the thing going forward.  So carry on at your normal pace, and we will get it updated with your plane in it when you are ready.

BTW, does trying 42,101 times to get Dan as my yahoo ID. indicate a stubborn streak..?


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