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How to post pics and videos


There are 2 very important buttons for the video below.

* The arrows in the lower right corner of the video box. (Nowadays they look like a box)  Hit that button!  It makes the video expand to full screen.

* The play/pause button in the lower left so you can stop the video and drag the timeline bar to replay something you need repeated.  These two buttons are a toggle.  Whatever it is doing now, if you click it, it will do the other thing it does until you click it again.

It was made one year after we got this forum going.  F.Y.I.

Ok sports fans.

Today we got a new message editor.  It is basically the same as before but with updated function.  You will notice a dedicated YouTube button, and no worries with that nasty hard coded HTTP:// in the input box.  It has a "greyed out" http:// that goes away when you paste an URL. 

Same with the image insert button.

Regrettably, the smileys had to be cut back to the default set because the google set took up the whole editor box unless you hit the green "maximize" arrows or mouse dragged the right hand corner of the box down far enough to see the text editor input box...

Working on a fix for that...


The YouTube button had to be deprecated as the editor was made for the next generation of the software (not available yet) and not supported in this version.

You will have to do as in the video for YouTube videos and most other video hosts like vimeo, etc.  Just paste the URL on its own line...

The extra http (greyed out) in the image insert, link, and email insert buttons is just there to remind you to copy the complete URL and paste it into the input box.
Cheers   :emoji_u1f60e:


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