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hey guys.....While awaiting my DE plans (just ordered last week), I finished up on the ribs/etc. My next set of questions goes out to all that have covered their Eagles. Regarding material used, tentatively, I favor using Ceconite 102 on all surfaces, with Stewart Systems chemicals("Ekobond,Ekoseal,Ecotech)"). I realize that this is one of those...."Chevy vs. Ford" type questions.....but ask for your feedback /experience/problems/joys/results/etc. I plan on using latex on the final exterior color. Generally, are you pleased with your choice? What would you do differently(if anything)? Thanks for your help in all these matters.....Bob


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Re: fabric
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I posted some photos and comments about my experience with Stuart System and latex paint.  last month.  Search single seat, LE, LX,  A67.