Author Topic: Took my Building Pictures and put into video of Building Legal Eagle XL ORV  (Read 880 times)

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Les Homan

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Thanks Les for sharing all the build pictures she's a beautiful LEXL!
Alan Potter
Vacaville, California

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@ 5:49 there is a page in a book or a magazine article perhaps with the title of 12 easy steps to getting it done by Kim Robinson.

A google search for it came up zippo.  Any help with it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the pics.  Looks like they come 1 per second.  So if my arithmetic holds up that would be 794 pics...  I know that took time to shoot in the first place and more time to put into youtube form... 

Awesome ..!

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The 12 easy steps to getting it done was from a magazine I was looking thru in doctors office during the build. The thing that caught my eye was  it always seems impossible until it is done.  It was among the build pictures and i decided to leave it in the group.
Les Homan

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10 - 4 Les...

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Thanks so much for the effort you put into this forum Les. It keeps us inspired and hungry for more of your vids which are a credit to you 
Cheers .....Macca in Oz:emoji_u1f601: