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Re: New Exhaust
« Reply #15 on: February 03, 2015, 04:37:54 PM »
I was wanting to fab mine up from Inconel...lots of Nascar shops near me but all their tube is huge....1.875"+. Hoping to find some smaller tubes for a 2 into 1 step header design. Seems more likely for me to fab them from stainless as it is much easier to locate mandrel bends. A 4 into 1 collector would help scavenge exhaust pulses and kill some Db's a bit. I have been searching for mandrel bent .032" stainless....waiting on a couple samples now after looking into some race bike shops for tubing size I want.
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Re: New Exhaust
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I plan to get a Milwaukee heated jacket anyway.  There is lots of heated clothing of all types for motorcyclists.  I still really like driving in a convertible with the top down and the heat on a cool evening...
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Re: New Exhaust
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This is what i did and the small cost of weight was nothing to worry about for the saving in noise, before we put a resonator on it, both prop and exhaust noise, they recon it was worse than the T6 we have here. ( I may not be the fastest - but they know its me )
The 2 neighbours have (A Sonix and a Onex with same engines ) and are extremely quiet to mine,  and they have 2into 1's, I did have 11:1 compression till yesterday and will find out to day if 8.5:1 is quieter ( swapped stock 1600cc heads for CB Performance heads), that being this is the 3rd exhaust and ALL have just been as noisy
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Re: New Exhaust
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That's one sexy exhaust system...


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