Author Topic: Using the Leburg adapted Honda CBR 600 alternator on Leonard's VW1835 conversion  (Read 2503 times)

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I have used the Leburg Dual EI on my 1/2 Vw with complete satisfaction but never used the alternator adaptation because it goes on the flywheel end of the engine...
Leonard's 1835 conversion uses a pulley on the crank with a belt that goes up to the top of the engine where the alternator sits centered in your forward line of vision from the cockpit... The Leburg Honda CBR 600 adaptation is on the back of the engine case driven from the end of the crank - out of sight & weighs just 4.5 lbs... Ebay is showing the used stator at around $60 - there are 3 other lesser pieces needed from the bike - a reclaimer might sell it all for $60... To see the particulars go to this link and download the Installation Information: