Author Topic: tail section rims?  (Read 1088 times)

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tail section rims?
« on: March 20, 2016, 04:54:45 AM »
Working on my tail section for my DE.  I am guessing the metal ribs should be covered with some kind of tape. Seems like the ribs have sharp edges and should be protected from the fabric. Is this what everybody is doing? 


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Re: tail section rims?
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I brushed glue on my ribs and wrapped them in a strip of fabric. It seemed to work well, not sure what others have done?

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Re: tail section rims?
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My years as an airline turbine specialist(A&P,I.A.), did not OBVIOUSLY make use of fabric skills I learned in the GA community, however......anything sharp is an enemy of fabric....especially fabric that is not stitched and can become loose. I would suggest, not only the AC43-13 as a guide....but watch a few youtube covering vids. The last one I recovered was a Citabria, and I used tapes on ANYTHING that was sharp. It's just good practice. Adds almost zero weight, but plenty of peace of mind,especially at buffeting winds aloft. Surface balance is usually never a big deal,especially with this airfoil and flutter is not a giant concern BUT as a caveat....ALWAYS check static balance of ANY moveable surface. Again, the 43:13 addresses this as well. If you dont feel comfortable doing this, the local EAA ch. can assist.

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Re: tail section rims?
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I have seen some people use the cloth bandage tape. works good on the gussets also.
or you should be able to add the dacron tape on top like you do over stitching,

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